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New labeling system for functional foods has been launched

With the launch of the new food labeling standards on 1 April 2015, the notification system for functional claim foods has been started.

Providing the reference number of the notification on the product label, you can tout health claims, for example: "This has the benefit of xxx because it contains ooo". A 60-day premarket notification to the Consumer Affair Agency is required to make functional claims on food products. The documents required to submit include scientific evidence for safety and efficacy, and some of the evidence are to be published on the website of the Consumer Affairs Agency.

Important points of the new labeling system and building your own system

If your business flow, ranging from food research and development, product planning to quality control, already covers clinical trials that ensure the safety and efficacy of foods, the preparation of documents relating to such as a data gathering system for health hazard would ensure that you have a smooth transition to the new system.

If no such clinical trials are available, the safety of the food must be confirmed from experience of use in the normal diet, and as for the efficacy of the food, you may have to introduce a systematic review as well as a functional equivalent analysis (both from a qualitative and quantitative perspective) systems into your company.

In short, such systems (reviews and tests) ensure that the functional elements contained in your products are effective and safe. You could outsource those reviews and tests to external labs, but since you are the one who is responsible for the function claims, establishing your own system would be very important.

April 2015