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Here are the most frequently asked questions among our inquiries.
The data provided is from from January 2021 to December 2022. Details vary by year.
Please refer to the following FAQ, which will provide a general image of our business operations.

What is the track record of the companies you dealt with?

Number of customers we dealt with during the year

278 companies

As we cannot disclose specific company names, we hereby provide figures instead for your information. The number of customers we dealt with during one year (278 companies) means the number of customers we transacted directly (from January 2021 to December 2022 ). Indirect transactions through inspection agencies are counted as the number of inspection agencies outsourced to us.
Clients of lectures and seminars are not included in the calculation (nb: the same applies to the following statistics).

Breakdown by industry

168 manufacturers, 45 trading companies, 21 inspection agencies, 15 food service companies, 8 retailers, 8 public organizations, 12 others (IT companies, consulting companies, law firms, translation firms, etc.)

This is a breakdown by industry sectors of customers with whom we have had direct business transactions (Jan 2021 -Dec 2022) (note: Foreign companies with plants abroad manufacturing food products for Japan are included in the manufacturers).
Although it varies from year to year, the majority of the requests are received directly from manufacturers.

Breakdown by industry
Breakdown by Size (Manufacturing Industry)

Breakdown by Size (Manufacturing Industry)

Annual sales: up to 350 million USD: 99 companies, 350 million USD to 2 billion USD: 31 companies, 2 billion USD or more: 38 companies.

This chart shows a breakdown by size of the manufacturers (Jan 2021 -Dec 2022) among our customers we dealt with directly.
Since sales amount (of clients) vary greatly by industry, here only the manufacturing industry is included in the breakdown.
Note: 51 companies with unknown annual sales are included in the "up to 350 million USD" category.

In which food categories have you the most working experience?

Breakdown by category

139 companies for foods, 25 companies for supplements, 22 companies for confectioneries, 16 companies for beverages, 8 companies for liquors

The chart shows a breakdown by category of the main food products handled by manufacturing and trading companies (Jan 2021 -Dec 2022) among the customers with whom we have direct transactions.
The "Food" category includes mainly processed foods such as processed agricultural, marine, and livestock products, seasonings, frozen foods, and instant foods.

Breakdown by category
Breakdown by service

Breakdown by service

908 labeling verifications + ingredients researches, 426 labeling verifications, 388 ingredient researches, 106 database-related researches, 85 product specifications-related inspections, 70 others

The chart shows a breakdown of services we provided (Jan 2021 - Dec 2022).
The number of transactions is counted as the number of orders from customers during the calculation period.
Database-related services include the ones related to systems for researches for usage standards of additives, etc..

Breakdown by distribution type

123 companies for imports, 100 companies for domestic(Japanese) products, 45 companies for exports

This chart shows a breakdown by distribution type we provided (Jan 2021 -Dec 2022).
In cases of requests from a single company with two or more distribution types, we count only the distribution type with the highest number of transactions among them.

Breakdown by distribution type

Breakdown by country (imports)

U.S.A. 168, Switzerland 134, U.K. 107, Germany 102, France 66, Italy 54, South Korea 35, Israel 25, Spain 18, Sweden 15, China 10, New Zealand 6, Taiwan 4, Mexico 4, Others 24, Total 25 countries

The chart shows a breakdown by country of the number of transactions (number of times our service was used) of food products imported to Japan among customers with direct transactions (Jan 2021 -Dec 2022).
Although it varies from year to year, North America, Europe, and East Asia are the most common locations of client companies.

Breakdown by country (imports)
Breakdown by country (exports)

Breakdown by country (exports)

U.S.A. 56, Taiwan 40, Singapore 36, Hong Kong 36, China 34, Thailand 26, South Korea 21, Canada 16, Malaysia 15, Australia 12, U.K. 10, EU 9, France 9, Germany 8, Indonesia 8, Others 45 (Vietnam, Italy, Spain, Netherland, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, etc.), Total 31 countries

The chart shows a breakdown of the number of transactions (number of our services used) by country or region for the overseas inspection (Jan 2021 -Dec 2022).
Although it varies from year to year, most requests are targeted to North America, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Oceania as export destinations from Japan.

Who is in charge of the research?

About our team of specialists

Labelbank has approximately 15 specialized staff in charge of its ingredient and food labeling researches.
Their areas of expertise are biology, nutrition, and linguistics, and is backed up by several qualifications recognized in Japan (Food Labeling Consultant, National registered dietitian, etc.).
Please refer to the "Experts" page for a glimpse at our team members.


The above are data related to our company.
We will continue to work on improving the quality of our research work so that it can be constantly enhanced.
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