Our services are intended for businesses who wish to export food products to Japan.
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Label bank, since its foundation in 2003, has been providing a range of services surrounding food ingredients and labels.
We help food and beverage manufactures, retailers and inspection companies navigate regulatory hurdles including label compliance issues.
Our long standing experience and expertise in the food industry allow us to offer you the service that best suit your needs.
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We solve issues on ingredients and food labeling

Label bank has been providing a range of services and taken more than 3,000 orders a year not only from domestic manufacturers but also from global enterprises.

Conceptual diagram of Label bank services

Conceptual diagram of Label bank services


We issue monthly e-newsletters, which keep you up to date with the latest developments surrounding food labeling in Japan.

February 2020

Food label news: Highlights of 2019 and upcoming schedules
During the past year, there were various announcements and changes related to food labeling. As this year, 2020, will be the end for the transition period for the new Food Labeling Standard, we hope this article will offer you the opportunity to check again the upcoming schedules. Last Year's Highlights........

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January 2020

About the use of “-free” and “non-use” for labeling of additives ~From the discussions about the labeling system of food additives~
The 6th “discussion about the labeling system for food additives” was held at the Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) on November 1, 2019. The discussion started in April 2019, mainly regarding the use of “-free” and “non-use”.........

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December 2019

Changing food markets and the moves in labeling regulations
In the past few years, the processed food market has been growing rapidly on an international scale which implied a constant control on the labeling regulations in order to quickly adapt to the market changes and the emerging new food products. As in Japan, the regulations of........

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