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Making Food Labeling
Accessible for Everyone.

People’s interest in food is nowadays becoming increasingly diverse.
In response, a wide variety of food products have been created using new technologies in many parts of the world.

Accordingly, the labeling of such various products has become more complex, in terms of what ingredients are used and what substances are contained.
As a result, it has now more difficult to keep track of whether the labeling is appropriate or not.

By engaging in the simplification of the labeling of food products (which is - more than ever - difficult to handle and understand), we would like to contribute to a society in which people can choose foods with higher quality and according to their tastes, based upon informed choices.

Making food labeling accessible for everyone.

Food Labeling Consultation

For a food label to be appropriate, the ingredients used and substances contained should be properly reflected on it. In recent years, however, ingredients and foods have become more diverse, and following these trends, the relevant rules have also diversified.
Our goal is to create an environment that facilitates appropriate food labeling for those who manufacture and sell food products, by providing compliance verification service stailored to each of your projects and their specific food ingredients/products.

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Food Labeling Consultation
We verify the compliance of ingredients and additives against the standards for use in Japan based on specifications provided (including details as the formulation, etc.).
We can also check the conformity of your product's artworks and their proposed labeling of raw material names, allergens, nutrition facts, etc., in accordance with the standards for Japan.

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Checking & Search Systems
We propose two systems: the "New Food Labeling Checker", an automatic food labeling checking system for the Japanese market; and
"gComply", a documents database search system for food-related standards/regulations in various countries.

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Columns & Seminars on Regulations Updates
Our monthly newsletter provides information on revisions of Japan's food labeling standards, together with columns on trends in overseas standards.
We also hold seminars on major regulation updates and practical points associated with the revisions.

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