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Effective use of the latest Technology

We propose "New Food Labeling Checker", an automatic food labeling checking system for the domestic market; and
"gComply", a document database search system for overseas standards in various countries.

New Food Labeling Checker
For domestic market(Japan)

Online food labeling check tool. This tool was created to check food labels during the transition period from food labeling under the old standards to labeling in line with the new Food Labeling Standards.

Two functions are available: checks for ingredient labeling and prohibited labeling. These can be used to check the renewal of existing products as well as food labels on new products.

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New Food Labeling Checker (Japanese)

Decernis Solutions
For overseas market

The global database of regulatory standards, "gComply system, allows you to search for information on standards in more than 220+ countries, and more than 40 languages and contains more than 95,000 documents on standards for consumer products such as food and beverages, additives, chemicals, compounds and labeling on containers and packaging. Label bank maintains the database and can provide support in line with practical issues.

- The global database of regulatory standards gComply
- The global regulatory analysis system gComply Plus
- The global trend news search system Praedixi
- The global standards research reports Market Entry Report

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Decernis Solutions (Japanese)