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December 2015

Content claims under the new Food Labeling Standard

The featured theme for this month is content claims. Do you know the difference between 'zero-sugar' and 'no sugar added'. 'Zero-Sugar' and 'No Sugar Added'
Let's summarize a few basic points..........more

November 2015

Restaurant Menu and False Labeling

The theme of this month is about the description of restaurant menus and false labeling. There was a big scandal surrounding hotel and restaurant industries in Japan in 2013 - misrepresented food menus. The following are some examples of false labeling: Labeling fat-injected beef as “beef steak”. .........more

October 2015

Six months since the introduction of the Japanese new Food Labeling Standard.

It's been six months since the introduction of the Japanese new Food Labeling Standard, which took effect on April 1, 2015. In this newsletter, we would like share with you what we have noticed thorough work for the last six months. .........more

August 2015

Nutrition Facts labeling under the new Food Labeling Standard

Nutrition Facts label compliance review usually involves several people, not regulatory consultants alone but also an expert or external inspection agency when reviewing the label based on nutrition analysis, or a person in charge of the product development when making a nutrition claim. .........more

July 2015

Functional Claim Food - Sales Started in June

It's been two months since a new health food category, functional claim food, was introduced under new labeling system, and those foods with proven health benefits are now appearing on the selves of stores. However concerns have been raised over the new system; some consumers complain that the information on those products released by each company is too technical and difficult to understand. .........more

July 2015

Allergen labeling under the new Food Labeling Standard

Food allergen labeling review is one of the most important processes when regulatory consultants develop food labels. Let's check out some changes made in allergen labeling under the new standard. Three main changes in allergen labeling: .........more

June 2015

"No xxx added" claims in the new Food Labeling Standard

The new Food Labeling Standard came into effect on 1 April 2015. The "Summary of Food Labeling Standard" discusses 10 major changes, in which some newly established standards are included; one of them is "No xxx added" claims. .........more

May 2015

How to deal with the New Food Labeling Standard, and points to note in food labeling.

Following on from the topic of the last newsletter, we will talk about the New Food Labeling Standard that came into effect on 1 April, 2015. One of the important tasks for people engaged in reviewing food labels is to check for labels reflecting a combination of new and old labeling standards. (P 35 Concerning the New Food Labeling Standard). .........more

April 2015

New food labeling standards came into force!

The new food labeling standards were promulgated on 20 March, 2015 and came into force on 1 April 2015. (Note: The rules for Manufacturer Identification Codes are scheduled to be established one year later.) You have a 5-year grace period (until the end of March, 2020) for processed foods and food additives, and a 1.5-year grace period (until 30 September 2016) .........more

April 2015

New labeling system for functional foods has been launched

With the launch of the new food labeling standards on 1 April 2015, the notification system for functional claim foods has been started. Providing the reference number of the notification on the product label, you can tout health claims, for example .........more

March 2015

Labels on food products, looked at from the standpoint of an expert on food labeling

I have had such inquiries as: "How do consumers use food labels?" and "How do the experts see food labels in their daily lives?" Although I'm not a professional food buyer, .........more

February 2015

Regarding the outline of the guideline for "new functional labelling system"

"New functional labelling system" allows all categories of foods ranging from perishables, processed foods to the supplements to have "functional labelling" provided that scientific evidence is submitted. Last summer, a report of the review meeting was published. .........more

February 2015

The revision of the Cabinet Office Ordinance on labelling standards for milk, etc

Labelling standards for natural cheese, fermented milk and fermented milk drinks are to be partly revised. This article is about "foods containing milk products as main ingredients". .........more

January 2015

The trend of the food labelling system and main changes

In 2014, there were many movements on the food labelling system. As some revisions have been done in response to the Public Comments, we would like to sum up the revised points and organize information. .........more

December 2014

Diary of Business trip in Paris

I was given the lucky task of visiting France and stayed there for 5 days from Oct. 19 to 23. I visited Paris again after 10 years but not much seemed to have changed. I asked one of my acquaintances in Paris if there had been notable change in Paris but his answer was simple, "No". But .........more

November 2014

Provision of allergen information in restaurants

As of the end of October, people involved in food industry are still waiting for the drafts of New Food Labeling Law, including the transition period, to be completed. For the New Functional Labeling System, further amendments and new guidelines are to be published in response to public comments..........more

October 2014

"Revised proposal of food labeling standards" has been published

On September 23rd, 2014 "outline of public comment on food labeling standards (proposal)" has been disclosed, where summary of opinions and responses to them are provided (4,329 opinions have been sent to Consumer Affairs Agency). On September 24th, revised proposal of food labeling standards, reflecting public comment, .........more

September 2014

Keywords to be noted in the future: "The disclosure of information" and "The management of evidential data"

Going through all the proposals provided for the consolidation of laws for food labeling as well as for New Functional Labeling System, we have been noticing a certain trend. We would like to discuss the trend in this newsletter. .........more

August 2014

Released report of New Functional Labeling System Review Committee

Concerning new measures to describe functionalities based on scientific evidence under not government but corporate responsibility, on July 30th 2014, the Consumer Affairs Agency has released a discussion report on the "New Functional Labeling System", which consolidates policies such as "report before sale" or "public disclosure". .........more

July 2014

New labeling regulations in Japan (Final proposal): Public comment is invited

On June 25, 2014, the Food Labeling Consolidation Review Committee of the Consumer Affairs Agency has put forward the final proposal on the creation of new food labeling law, including mandatory nutrition labeling, and the Agency will invite public comment by the end of July. .........more

June 2014

How to be prepared for a new labeling system in Japan

As of May 30th 2014, surveys and discussions by the Japanese government are progressing on food labeling system in Japan, which include "Food Labeling Standards (processed foods and perishables)", "Nutrition Labeling" and "Function Claim". .........more

May 2014

New labeling regulations in Japan (2) / New Functional Labeling System on health foods (1)

In June 2013, "Food Labeling Law" was promulgated. Since November 2013, the contents of the food labeling standards have been discussed. Here is the report on further discussions on "Food Labeling Law” .........more

April 2014

New labeling regulations in Japan

In June 2013, "Food Labeling Law" was promulgated. Since November 2013, the contents of the food labeling standards have been discussed. As the mid-term report was published on 28th March, we introduce its development. .........more