Products Specifications Translation

We translate and transcribe product specifications from English to Japanese. Product specifications are documents that fully describe the product. You need to ensure that the information contained in the product specification is accurate, complete, which means the translation of such documents must be done accurately and a word for word translation could lead to misleading people involved in handling your products in Japan.

Label bank, an expert in food labeling, offers a solution to the translation of product specifications which need to be submitted to local distributors, importers, relevant authorities etc, in accordance with applicable standards.

What is product specification?​​

Product specifications often include the following information:

  • Food ingredients and additives
  • Allergens
  • Nutritional information
  • Packaging materials
  • Production process
  • Other


Our service also includes the translation of certificate of analysis, label claims and advertising or just about anything related to food labeling.

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What we can do for you.​​

We also run a feasibility study to determine if the food product intended to be sold in Japan meets Japanese regulatory requirements. For example, we identify ingredients prohibited for use in food products and give advice.

Elements subject to review for compliance include:

Food additives

  • Prohibited for use
  • Maximum limits permitted
  • Carry-over additives


  • Specified ingredients
    (Mandatory: 7 allergens, Recommended: 20 allergens)

Ingredient list

  • Listing order
  • Compound ingredients

We can provide advice on food labeling requirements along with our translation service based on the product specification provided.

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