For the Japanese Market

Research Services on
Ingredients & Food Labeling

  • Ingredients Assessment & Label Validation for Export

Conformity verification of ingredients and additives
Verification of conformity of labeling draft on containers and packaging

We verify the conformity of ingredients and additives with the standards for
use in Japan based on specifications such as formulation lists.
We also verify the conformity of the proposed labeling of ingredient names,
nutrients, etc. with the labeling standards based on specifications such as formulation lists.

"For reviewing work for ingredients and additives"

Our services have been well received by customers who use them to improve the efficiency of validation for food products from various countries to the Japanese market.
We can also handle inquiries in English such as checking additive names to overseas suppliers, etc.,

Ingredient and label validation works differ depending on each researcher
Third-party checks
easy to
Technical questions to respond coming from various fields
Improved reliability
by answers
from experts
Huge amount of complex documents to be updated and inspected
Promoting efficiency through definition of needed information

Services for the Japanese Market

This is a service to research in advance whether or not the product can be sold in Japan with its current specifications (formulation). This service has been used as preliminary research in the case of exporting food products to Japan.
Creation and Translation of Specifications
We create product specifications based on specifications for each ingredient used, and also create Japanese specifications based on English specifications. For translation, we adopt and check specialized terminology used by the food industry and Japanese public organizations.
Food Labeling
We review the conformity to the standards for use of food additives (This might need a separate service depending on the content) in Japan and Japanese food labeling standard of your food labeling (designs on containers, packages, etc.). The reviews include claims as well as other labeling items on the package, by ensuring consistency with the content of the product specifications (allergens, etc.).
Food Labeling Development
Based on the ingredient formula provided to us, we create a labeling draft fulfilling Japanese regulations, i.e. listing ingredients/additives in their respective descending order of weight. The service includes validation of conformity with the standards for use of food additives (This might need a separate service depending on the content) in Japan, allergens, claims on packages, etc.
Food Labeling Business Consultation
Our services include maintenance support for manuals regarding food labeling tasks (specification updates, food labeling developments, reviews, creation of FAQ from related departments), in-house training, etc. These services including manual creations, trainings and mail supports are available in both Japanese and English.

About our company

Label bank is a company specializing in food label validation.
We provide services such as ingredient and additive research and
food labeling reviews, as well as database development such as global regulatory
reference database system for domestic and overseas food manufacturers.
Together with several affiliated inspection agencies overseas,
we are constantly working to improve the skills and quality levels of our researchers
in each field of expertise.

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Breakdown by country

U.S.A. 86, U.K. 71, Switzerland 64, Germany 59, Italy 58, South Korea 22, France 16, Singapore 11, Spain 8, Sweden 8, Israel 7, Belgium 6, New Zealand 4, China 4, Canada 3, Hong Kong 2, Others 7, Total 21 countries

The chart shows a breakdown by country of the number of transactions (number of times our service was used) of food products exported to Japan among customers with direct transactions (January-December 2021).
Although it varies from year to year, North America, Europe, and East Asia are the most common locations of client companies.


Breakdown by country

Reference: From "Our company in Numbers"

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