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Privacy Policy

Label bank is committed to and ensures to follow Japan's "Guidelines Regarding the Protection of Personal Information in Telecommunications Business" as well as other related laws and internal rules regarding the management of personal data used during its business activity. We also make sure to manage and store information in accordance with the above, and have established the following privacy policy with the aim of operating and improving a privacy policy system for personal data that is safe and secured for the users - customers, partners and workers/members of our company (hereafter "employees, etc.").

The key objective of our services is to keep developing optimal solutions consistent with international standards and in step with the times, while always keeping in mind the three points raised above.

1. Complying with the Law

As per the acquisition and use of your personal information and for all related information handling, Label bank ensures to comply with:

  • all regulations related to the protection of personal information
  • all rules related to the privacy of communications described in Japan's "Telecommunications Business Act" and other related ordinances
  • the guidelines pertaining to the protection of personal information in telecommunication businesses (hereafter "the guidelines")
  • the rules established in this privacy policy

2. Purposes of use

  1. The personal information acquired by Label bank is used within the range of purposes established bellow.
    1. Delivery and processing of the services offered on this website (hereafter "online services")
    2. Processing of subscription procedure for our online services membership system
    3. Handling of requests/claims received from users
    4. Planning and Developing of online services matching users' interests (we organize user surveys, however the personal information collected on this occasion is never disclosed to third parties)
    5. Survey and notifications about the services/product of label bank or other advertiser/contents provider (the personal information collected on this occasion is never to be disclosed to third parties)
    6. Notification to members having won any of our prizes, etc.
  2. If personal information is to be used for any other purposes than the ones listed above, Label bank should clarify this new purpose to the user and obtain the customer's agreement first.

3. Use of the information within the range of purposes established

Label bank will use the customers' personal information solely to accomplish the purposes specified beforehand and disclosed above, when required.
However, in cases corresponding to the section 3, article 5 of the "guidelines", the use of personal information might exceed such purposes.

4. Data retention period

Label bank has established a set retention period for its stored customers' personal information (necessary for the purpose of uses); once said retention period is over or the purpose of use accomplished, we will promptly delete the information.
However, in cases corresponding to the section 2, article 10 of the "guidelines", it is possible that the information is stored for longer than stated above.

5. Security Management Measures

In conjunction with our efforts to save the latest and most adequate personal content from our customers, we are also taking the necessary and appropriate measures to protect personal information from illegal access, falsification, unwanted disclosure, loss and damage.

6. Employees Supervision

In order to manage the security of our customers' personal information, Label bank enforces the necessary and appropriate supervision of its staff.
We also provide all our employees with the necessary training programs, in order to secure the correct handling of personal information.

7. Subcontractors Supervision

Label bank may delegate all or parts of the tasks using the customers' personal information to outsourcing companies (within the scope of the purposes of use).
Before assigning such task to a subcontractor, we ensure that they generally handle personal information in an appropriate manner and require them to do so with the customers' information as well.
Furthermore, we enforce the required and appropriate supervision in regards to our subcontractors' activity; this includes for instance specific clauses related to audit on the dealing of personal information in our contract with said subcontractor, etc.

8. Delivery of information to Third Parties

With the exception of the cases listed in Section 1, Article 15 of the Guidelines, we do not provide third parties with customers' personal information unless after being duly authorized to do so by the customer.

9. Disclosure and other Request

When a customer would like:

  • to receive the details of the purposes of use of the personal information provided
  • the disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of personal information
  • the suspension of the use or information provision to third parties

we should be requested so following our predefined procedure.
Such request can be made following this link:

10. Claims Settlement

Label bank ensures to assist in the most adequate and prompt manner any customer claims on the handling of personal information.
Please use the following details to contact us in case you would have any such claims.
(Phone Contact) +81-6-6838-7090
(Available hours) 9:00AM to 5:30PM - JST Time

11. Dealing with unwanted disclosure of information

If the personal information of a customer would happen to be disclosed in an unwanted manner, we will ensure to:

  • clearly and immediately inform the customer about the nature and extend of the leak
  • Promptly and adequately deal with the situation

12. Continuous Improvement

Label bank is committed to continually strive to improve its in-house handling of personal information with (but not limited to):

  • the consolidation of internal rules related to the protection of personal information
  • the enforcement of training programs and internal supervision of its employees
  • other appropriate means

13. Application priority in regards to our Privacy Policy

The base text of our privacy policy is written in Japanese. Should any discrepancy in the interpretation of the policy happens between the English and Japanese version, the Japanese content will prevail.

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