Japanese Food Label Validation
(Food labeling review)

We ensure the mandatory food labeling requirements have been properly interpreted and applied in the label or the design of the food package that you have.

Our experienced staff will review your current JAPANESE labels (label artwork) based on the product specifications submitted, and determine if the food product intended to be sold in Japan meets Japanese regulatory requirements.

Just to give some examples of food labeling regulations in Japan, specific requirements for the use of food additives and statements made on the label vary depending on the product name (name of food). We will first confirm the product name you wish to use, and determine whether or not any changes to food ingredients/additives used in the product will be required.

As for allergen labeling, specified ingredients (allergens) required on food labels in Japan are different from other countries. We will advise whether or not your product contains any specified ingredients, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Having your product labels reviewed for regulatory compliance will shorten the detention period of the product at any ports of entry into Japan.

What you need to provide​​

Your current JAPANESE product labels and product specifications (information on ingredients, allergens, nutrition, manufacturing process, etc.).

Please send the artwork of packaging, if available. We will check label claims for compliance with relevant regulations, while reviewing the food label.


Step1 Ask for an estimate for label compliance review.
Step2 Get back to us if you are satisfied with our estimate and service details.
Step3 *1 Provide us with your current JAPANESE product labels (label artwork) and product specifications (information on ingredients, allergens, nutrition, manufacturing process, etc.).
Step4 Labeling review report will be sent to you by email.
*2 Delivery format: PDF

Follow-up service: Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions about the labeling review report.

*1 For better security, the exchanges of data can be handled via our secure data server.
*2 Please let us know if you wish other formats.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.