Feasibility Study
(Ingredient and claim research)

Label bank provides a range of services surrounding food labeling for products destined for Japan. Your compliance is our priority. We make sure your food products conform to Japanese standards and find their way to the Japanese market.

The services we offer include:

Research on Ingredients

  • - Pre-feasibility assessment of ingredients
  • - Assessment of ingredients
  • - Review for compliance with the standards for use of food additives

Research on Content Claims

  • - Pre-feasibility assessment of product claims
  • - Assessment of nutrition claims
  • - Assessment of other product claims

Ingredients Research

About Content Claims​​

It is important to note that Content Claims can also be used as catch phrase or slogan - in labeling related to the nutrition facts or the ingredients country of origin for instance.

Content Claims

"XX enriched", "Contains XX", "2 times more XX", "Salt reduced by 30 percent", "Low Salt", "Salt Free", "No Sugar Added", "No Salt Added", "Allergens free", "With XX produced in XX", "No Color Added", "Zero Calorie", "Organic", "Natural" etc.

Assessment of ingredients​​

If you want to ascertain...
-Whether or not your product can be imported into Japan without changing the formulation.
-Whether or not your product line can be imported and sold in Japan.

We conduct feasibility assessments to determine whether your products can be sold in Japan, based on the ingredient/product specification submitted. This assessment service is recommended if you are planning to export a wide variety of product lines to Japan or developing a sales plan before exporting products.

*The assessment service is included in our Food Label Development/Validation services.
*This service does not grant an import authorization by itself.

How the report is delivered:

Depending on the content of your request, we will compile all information in either a mail report or a file report. In the report itself, we will indicate if the ingredients are in compliance or not with theJapanese regulations, and let you know which ingredients are not authorized in Japan.

Assessment of Product Claims​​

If you want to ascertain...
-Whether or not sales copy valid in other countries is also valid in Japan.
-Whether or not product/content claims (nutrition facts, no additives, etc.) valid in other countries are also valid in Japan.

We conduct feasibility assessment to determine whether your sales copy or product claim (nutrition facts, no additives, etc.) is valid in Japan, based on the ingredient/product specification submitted. Label claims made on product packaging need to comply with standards and regulations in Japan. This assessment service is recommended to prepare marketing strategy before exporting products.

How the report is delivered:

Report (PDF, XLS files*)
We can also provide report samples.
*Please feel free to inform us of any specific report format you may need.
*We will also send you (URL) links for all documents used as evidence together with the validation results.

How we can help​​

While it is desirable that we assess product ingredients per product first, followed by the product claims, we can provide the service most suited to your needs. Please feel free to contact us for other possible options.

The health food market in Japan has the following categories to make product claims:
General health food, Food with Nutrient Function Claims (FNFC), Food with Functional Claims (FFC), Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU).

Documents required for assessments:

Product specs or detailed information such as follows:
-Specification of the secondary and tertiary ingredients (to cross-check with standards for use of food additives)
-Ingredient/additive statements listed in descending order of predominance by weight
-GM ingredients
-Production process (to determine the definition of the food product)
-Nutrition facts label

Please kindly send us your validation request details for a free quotation.