Label bank

Quality Standards

Services policy

The key objective of our services is to keep developing optimal solutions consistent with international standards and in step with the times, always considering the needs of both consumers who want to check the quality of foods and manufacturers who want to deliver and convey said quality.

Food Culture

Food culture

We value not only the importance of the information displayed on the label, but also emphasis on its cultural background. In our import projects, we aim to ensure developing food labels while conveying to Japan the product's original specificities.



We value a balance of three elements: a proper understanding of the food product background, the ideas/concept/lifestyle it conveys, and the scientific basis supporting its quality, such as ingredients, nutritional components, and manufacturing methods.

International Standard

International Standard

While promoting partnerships with overseas inspection agencies in multiple countries, we regularly ensure mutual awareness of a project's scope, involved items, and the depth of investigation. We strive to raise the quality of our services through constant information exchange.

Policy on information management

We comply with all regulations/laws related to information security in Japan, as well as our own in-house standards. It is also our basic policy to develop databases and utilize systems to verify the conformity of product ingredients as well as the food labelling standards.



Personal and confidential information (that we use during our projects) is managed through a multi-level security system controlling access to each entrance and exit to our offices using electronic locks, dedicated security room, in parallel with a web gateway using a unified threat management system.



All the information is exchanged internally through a closed network separated from the Internet. The website encrypts data using SSL for secured transmission of information.



We are promoting the development and systemization of a databases to verify the conformity of food ingredients and labeling with the regulatory standards. By this, we aim to create a highly reproducible operational system.