Food Label Inspection in Japan

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Japanese Food Label Development

We create food labels from scratch in compliance with Japanese regulatory requirements. (Our food label development service includes label review and translation.)
* What we provide is required components on food labels only.

We review all the information in the product specification submitted, and prepare a food label that fully meets Japanese regulatory requirements.

Japanese food label

When preparing food labels, it is important to identify the food category of products if the product is considered unfamiliar in Japan, because maximum limits of food additives permitted for use and statements made on the food label vary depending on the food category. We usually confirm the product name (name of food) our client wishes to use, and determine whether or not any changes to food ingredients/additives used in the product will be required.

We will translate descriptions, such as storage conditions and cooking instructions, on food labels/packaging into terms and phrases widely used in Japan, and ensure that all mandatory requirements are met.

Key Review Points:
- Product name
- Ingredient statements (including food additives)
- Allergen statements
- Nutritional information
- Label claims (e.g. "natural")
- Other

What you need to provide​​

Product specifications (information on ingredients, allergens, nutrition, manufacturing process, etc.)

* We start our service after having received necessary information such as:
・The secondary and tertiary ingredients
・Ingredient composition
・Allergen information
・Genetically modified ingredients, if any
・Manufacturing process

In the case where you are forced to suspend importing the product as a result of such documents review, only compliance review fee will be charged. We will provide any support in terms of food labeling until the product is imported into Japan.

*‘Quarantine clause’, warranted free from loss or damage caused by or resulting from quarantine under Food Sanitation Law and other relevant laws, will be automatically applied to imported foods into Japan. We, therefore, recommend that you are covered by ‘Rejection Insurance’ just in case, which covers the risk of rejection by the government of the country of import.
*Please note we do not sell insurance policies.


Step1 Ask for an estimate for label development.
Step2 Get back to us if you are satisfied with our estimate and service details.

We assess your products details and send you our questions regarding points to be clarified (additives intends of use, allergens, etc.) if required.

Step4 Send us your answers so that we can resume our work.
Step5 Labeling development report (including the label) will be sent to you by email.
* Delivery format: PDF

* Please let us know if you wish other formats.

Price​​ (for 2018)

*1 Food Label Development (correspondence in Japanese):

305 USD per product

Estimated TAT: 5-8 working days

*2 Food Label Development (correspondence in English):

455 USD per product

Estimated TAT: 5-10 working days

We will offer a discount for orders of similar products, unified product specifications, and the price is also subject to change depending on the number of ingredients used as well as the volume of order.
Payment in US dollar (USD), Japanese yen (JPY), European euro (EUR) or Singapore dollar (SGD) is accepted. Please check with us for other currencies.

*1 This is the case where a Japanese speaking staff is available. We accept ingredients list written in English but all correspondence and documents will be provided in Japanese.
*2 This is the case where a Japanese speaking staff is not available. All correspondence and documents are provided in English.

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Food labeling Services

You can download our service brochure (PDF) .

Service brochure (PDF, 2 pages, 371KB)

Download our factsheet

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