Food Label Inspection in Japan

Label bank_Professional Food Labeling in Japan

You can find helpful tips on food labeling here. Then you can also find our "Newsletter" which provides the latest information, news and guidance relevant to the Japanese regulations surrounding food labeling.

Why is so much information required
to create a food label in Japan?

The information required on a food label is different depending on the definition of each product. There are mainly two standards which are applied to food labeling in Japan: Food Sanitation Standards and Food Labeling Standards....more

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We provide key points when reviewing food labels for meat products, frozen and functional foods, for which we often receive orders for review and many questions, and also extra attention is required due to the complexity of labeling rules.more

Food Labeling Regulations

Label bank’s database provides you with summarized food labeling regulations of different countries around the world. As more and more companies are exporting their food products overseas, ...

New Food Trends in Japan