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Label bank, since its foundation in 2003, has been providing a range of services surrounding food labels. We help food and beverage manufactures, retailers and inspection companies navigate regulatory hurdles including label compliance issues.

Our long standing experience and expertise in the food industry allow us to offer you the service that best suit your needs.

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January 2018

About the new Country of Origin Labeling system for ingredients and "actions causing substantial changes"new

The Food Labeling Standard Q&A was amended on September 1, 2017, and more detailed information about the "produced domestically" mention for the country of origin labeling (hereafter COOL) is written in it. This time we will try to summarize all aspects of the .........more

December 2017

Discussions on the labeling system for genetically modified food 2~The debated issues have been summarized and the scope of mandatory labeling discussed~

November 2017

Expansion of Labeling Requirements for Processed Foods: Origin of Ingredients (9)~The Q&A section of "the new COOL system for ingredients" was revised~

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Bento culture in Japan (Japanese Lunch boxes)

Have you ever heard of the word “Bento”? It is a traditional “lunch box”, originating from Japan..........more

Why is so much information required to create a food label in Japan?

The information required on a food label is different depending on the definition of each product..........more

Points to be checked

We provide key points when reviewing food labels for meat products, frozen and functional foods, .........more

Comparing Food Labeling Regulations

Label bank’s database provides you with summarized food labeling regulations of different countries around the world.

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