Food Label Inspection in Japan

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Entering a new market can be challenging and often a laborious process. Knowing what you want is easy, but knowing what others want is a complete different, especially when you have different cultural backgrounds!

Our promotion service is designed to provide the maximum efficiency for your business in Japan. We have the advantage of knowing what will work and what will not in the Japanese market. Our professional team will give you a hands-on approach to getting your products and brand image across to Japanese consumers. With more than a decade of experience in the food industry, we offer services from website development and maintenance to online marketing for your products or services.

Label bank, which is deeply rooted in the food industry, will help you encourage Japanese consumers to make a commitment to your products or services.

Our online promotion services include creating corporate branding, online shop and other Japanese language sites.

We recreate your existing website or create a new website from scratch. We make sure that the best approach is selected and implemented to promote your unique products to Japanese consumers and/or businesses, taking into account the current trends in Japan.

Besides the website development service, we undertake the management of product specifications. Our food labeling and marketing experts will work in close coordination in order to provide accurate information to consumers, according to your product specifications.


We will help you develop branding that resonates with Japanese consumers-- branding strategy is one of the most important elements in creating a website. Every company has its own competitive advantages, yet they are not fully understood by consumers. We will find a solution suited exclusively to your business and/or products.

Japanese language website

Would you like to deliver our product information to Japanese consumers?
Would you like a Japanese language website that showcases your products or services?

We can respond to such needs! With expertise in food labeling, we help overseas companies create Japanese websites.

Imported Food Products

With a growing concern over the safety of imported food products, overall impression that consumers get from food labeling has become very important.

Descriptive terms used for cooking instructions, for example, vary between countries.

We will translate such information (e.g. cooking instructions, ingredients, nutrition, etc.) into Japanese, using phrases and terms familiar to Japanese consumers.

Onomatopoeia such as “Fluffy, Fluffy” “Crunch, Crunch” is widely used in Japan. We offer a high quality translation service, accurate and easy-to-understand translations to targeted Japanese consumers.

You can rely on our translation experts, who have in-depth knowledge of the food sector.

We provide comprehensive after sales service and support in collaboration with English speaking staff and marketers.

Product Specification Management

Consumer interest in food safety has been increasing year after year here in Japan. Here are some examples of frequent inquiries and comments from consumers.

“What is the source of the ingredients?”
“Any allergens present in the food item?”
“Where is it manufactured?”

Such information cannot be identified just from food labels, so you need to check the specification of products or ingredients. Product specifications provide information that is not usually included in product labels: the source of ingredients, food additives and the risk of allergen contamination, etc… It is important to make available the information on food safety in an easy and effective manner to consumers, provided that more information is likely to be required on the label in the future.

If all the information desired by consumers is to be disclosed to them, additional responsibilities should be undertaken: reviewing the accuracy of product information, quality assurance, etc…

We take on the management of your product specifications. Our experts in food labeling and marketing will work in close coordination with you and always deliver accurate information on your products to consumers, retrieving all the necessary information from product specifications you provide. You can rely on our service to maintain the efficiency of your product specification management.

Our food labeling team will audit from raw materials to quality data of your products and help maintain, for example, your website and keep it updated always.

We are able to offer this particular service, specification management, because we have many years of hands-on experience in food labeling services.