Food Label Inspection in Japan

Label bank_Professional Food Labeling in Japan

The Label bank way

In order to reassure consumers concerned about "food safety",
we bridge the gap between consumers and businesses with our in-depth knowledge of food labeling and always provide workable solutions concerning any food issues.

Standards of Conduct
  1. Be kind and act with integrity.
  2. Turn individual ideas into action for development.
  3. Be willing to take on a challenge.
  4. Comply with applicable ethics rules and value creativity.
  5. Have respect for diversity, different cultures and values.

Management Policy

CEO Message

"My curiosity and urge for knowing more about food labels"
I started this company because I had long wanted to work in the food industry. Just simple curiosity about food ingredients also drove me to establish the company, but what makes my work meaningful is helping people who need to understand what is in the food they eat.

"Making the incomprehensible comprehensible"
From my experience in this business, I know that the food labeling system in Japan is quite complex. I have therefore been trying to systematize food label compliance review processes. I think simplifying complex concepts into easy-to-understand language can provide values to both consumers and businesses.

"Want to find out what makes a good food product?"
I came across various products and people through food labeling business. People have different standards of "good food product": safety, country of origin, nutrition, healthiness, additive-free, natural, etc... I'll keep trying to find out "what makes a good food product" through my business.

"Cherishing the joy of eating, not counting too much on information"
I often feel that we should not judge the product contents only by its description or other information. When buying something, food labeling is just a piece of information for choosing products. I always try to keep the joy of eating in mind in everyday work.

"Respect different food cultures"
I am involved in various food products ranging from traditional Japanese food to nutritional ingredients from overseas. I always try to reflect the culture unique to the region/country to, for example, preparation/cooking instructions on food labels. I personally think that the background of a product or its maker is a part of culture.

"I would like to expand my business to be of service to the world"
While I am proud of the Japanese food culture as a Japanese person, having the awareness that I belong to the people of the world is important. I always think of the needs of the world and try to provide solutions to the needs through my business.