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Valentine's Day ( November 2015 )


Although it's too early even to put up a Christmas tree, I can't help thinking about Valentine's Day next year, especially when the news of "Le SALON DU CHOCOLAT" is heard--an event taking place in Paris from 28 October to 1 November.

The Valentine's Day tradition in Japan, in which women often presenting chocolates to men, is beginning to change: many women buy chocolates for friends and even for themselves as a special treat these days. We enjoy looking for new chocolate brands sold at different department stores and super markets each year.

The SALON DU CHOCOLAT has drawn much attention in Japan in recent years, following the participation of some chocolatiers who are well known in Japan and internationally. There are more and more chocolatiers from abroad now open their shops in Japan, fueled in part by the annual chocolate event.

I think the Japanese people are kind of lucky to be able to readily buy chocolates that could only be bought as a souvenir when travelling abroad.

The tablet chocolate seemed to be very popular for Valentine's Day this year here in Japan, and we have come to know that the difference in cacao content in chocolate or in the farm of origin of cacao beans would give a subtle difference in the taste of chocolate. This fact has probably contributed to the steady increase in Japan's cacao bean imports over the years. As a result, some stores offer a chocolate making class to those who are interested in homemade chocolate from scratch, using cacao. Couverture chocolate is usually used, but the recipe will probably be changed with the times and cacao itself may become the main ingredient for homemade chocolate.

I myself prefer delicious chocolate made by professionals, and I would just love to taste chocolate from different countries.