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Breakfast Boom ( October 2014 )


Even though about 10% of both males and females eat no breakfast, the number of people who skip breakfast is decreasing in Japan every year.
The decrease in the breakfast skip rate may be attributable to "breakfast boom".

The most common traditional Japanese breakfast is Ichiju-Sansai, (literally means "one soup and three dishes"), which consists of the staple dish (rice), main dish (grilled-fish), side dishes (fried egg and boiled seasonal vegetables), and soup dish (miso-soup).

Meanwhile, a culture of time efficiency is seen as important today, due to growing trend toward nuclear family, longer working hours and increase in the double-income family, which has contributed to the selection of home appliances and processed foods, and also had influence on breakfast menu items and trends.

Around the summer of 2012, pancakes filled with Hawaiian fruits started to become popular, and pancakes with ricotta cheese soon overtook in popularity. Last year, many cafés or restaurants specializing in eggs Benedict, French toasts and cereals opened one after another.
And this summer, smoothies have become a popular choice-breakfast items are on-trend now in Japan.

Pancakes and eggs Benedict still remain popular-on the weekend, people form a long queue outside cafés or restaurants that serve such food items. Cereals and smoothies can be found not only at their specialty stores but at the supermarket these days. Cornflakes and vegetable juice are already familiar to some Japanese breakfast tables, but a variety of cereals and smoothies made of various vegetables and fruits-simple and tasty food-may have given a healthier impression and become popular.

While the Japanese people, by nature, like to introduce new things and arrange them, they can easily lose interest and enthusiasm, and look for something else.
We can’t wait to see what the next trend will be!
In the meantime, the breakfast boom seems to last for a while…